Marketing yourself or your business effectively is essential for successIn most cases, the most successful marketing campaigns and strategies involve a combination of online marketing and offline marketing. In order to reach the most amounts of people, with a clear and strong message, using a range of different marketing platforms is the best technique. Not only does it ensure that you will be reaching the widest range of people, you can back up your company image through the use of repetition and familiarity. Choosing a dual strategy enables you to put your message out to the widest audience, and as long as the message is consistent, it can be of great benefit.

Online Marketing

Online marketing is now the most popular method of marketing for many companies for a variety of different reasons. Cost and market size are two of the main factors making online marketing so attractive to businesses. It is possible to access thousands or even millions of people with online marketing campaigns, and if these are done in the right way, can be very cost effective. One of the fastest growing areas is interactive online marketing. One way to connect with a large number of potential customers is through the use of social networking sites. On sites such as Facebook and Twitter, it is possible to connect with a large number of people for no cost, except for the time spent on the site. The advantage of using these sites for online marketing purposes is that once you have built up a fan base, you are able to instantly access thousands of people with marketing campaigns.

Offline Marketing

There are a number of different routes that can be taken with offline marketing, and some of the more traditional methods are still the most effective. For any businesses that sell products, trade markets are always worth considering. It gives an opportunity for people to connect directly with customers and network with potential distributers. Another tried and tested means of offline marketing is targeted magazine and newspaper advertising. A carefully placed advert in the right publication, with a link to your website, can be very effective. The duality of the marketing is very important in cases such as this, as you need all of your material to be branded in the same way, with the same message. The advert is designed to draw people in, and then when they visit the website, they get the full information, and it always works best if the message and branding is consistent throughout.

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