Freelance graphic designers still need industry standard equipment to operateStarting up your own graphic design firm is always a new and exciting challenge, but it does bring about some tasks not generally associated with working for someone else’s company. This is namely being able to provide yourself with all of the office products you need to ensure the very best product available for clients and customers. This is all material and equipment you generally see at any other graphic design firm, including computer hardware and design materials.

Computer Hardware

Any graphic design firm needs its fair share of computer software and hardware. You need a computer that runs smoothly and is capable of handling large images and renderings. Mac computers are especially popular among designers for their ability to cope with such things, but as long as you find a high-end PC that runs without error, there is nothing wrong with a Windows based system. On top of the hardware, you need the latest graphic design software, such as Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. These are two common programs used among most other design firms (and most likely the programs you used while in design school). Adobe is constantly releasing updates to these software titles, so make sure you purchase the latest to receive all the latest updates.

Design Material

When a potential client or customer stops by, they tend to bounce a few ideas off of you while you draw out rough sketch ideas of their suggestions. You therefore need to have all the quality drawing and design paper, as well as pens, that you need in order to produce the most professional looking sketches. Before you ever move to the computer, you always draw out the idea first. Once the client is comfortable with the design, you then move to the computer graphic design stage. You don’t want to just use a piece of computer paper and a marker, as not only do you not receive the best quality for your design, but it does not come across as professional.

Photo: Giuseppe Parisi

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